The internet have succeeded in becoming the widest and complex business platform especially in this century. This is because the internet provides countless services that makes life easier, faster and more comfortable.

Think of it, who will want to send letter via po box when there is email? Nobody right?

The internet provides easy communications, information, education, discussions, business transactions and organization, promotions, advertisement, Job opportunities and applications, research, careers, game etc.
These and many more services is just the reason why internet have driven the world to its fold.

Billions of people in the world today are making a living by providing internet services via different platform. Some have become extremely rich through it, some also are thriving to the limit they can gain, whereas others aren't making any success from this crazy bus. They've tried their possible best by investing their time energy and resources yet nothing worthwhile.
To this very people i'm writing this post, to help them think about alternative sources of steady flow of income outside from the crazy bus of the internet.

Life existed before the internet and can continue without the internet. Think of it though, how was people able to live without the internet? Well, the answer is that life was pretty harder but not short of comfort.

So if you've been struggling to work out a way of success in the internet but not succeeding, this should change your thought.

Here are few alternative options for you to consider, they might sound crazy but worth giving a shot.

You may wonder why I listed it as number 1. For me it is because you need a very little capital to start this business and it is counter productive.

My friend wasted about N20,000Naira funding for a website host, domain name and maintainan. But he never made more than 1% of it.
His story changed when he discovered this trading business.
He started a trading business with just N15,000Naira, after 5 and 6 months he is managing a business worth more than N40,000Naira, despite that he relatively depended on the business.

One thing you must avoid is starting a trading business with a huge capital, many who did it have fallen because it becomes too stressful to manage and you can't even detect where you are gaining or losing.

Whereas starting little will help you to keep track of your gradual growth. That's the secret of a trading business.
Enough of that. I'll write about this trading business in a separate post letter, but that will depend on request though.

At seeing this you will say 'Ah! Come on Cally, are you out of your sense? That business is for women especially widows.'
If you think so you are right, that business is let alone for women and widows, but the truth is that they are making a lot of cash from it.

A woman who did this business in my street now owns a brand new car that her husband cannot afford to buy with his 1year salary.

Just like the trading Business fast food business requires low capital, its quit stressful but opens opportunity for a steady cash flow.

Now to the big truth about this business.
You don't need to hulk food in the street to do a fast food business, infact few guys who succeeded in this business did it in form of a bar.

It doesn't cost much to purchase kitchen accessories, rent a shop, and buy food stocks and drinks, more depends on how you choose to start this business.

The end product is steady cash flow. If you can trading fear and nervousness for money you definitely will make more from fast food business.

If not that my friend is making a cool profit from this business I wouldn't have listed it.

We were working in a bottle water company when he brought the idea of a grading business, it sound odd to me. After working for 4 months he bought a grading machine and left the company, he used year to obtain a granding skill, today he is planning to build a house that will be called his.

Many like me overlook this business, we even called it a dirty business, but in reality its a source of a steady cash flow. You know the saying "Pockets never dry".
The guy I said did this business told me that "The more dirty you get the more money you make."

Although this business require a bigger  capital to start due to the cost of engine and water tank, but with determination and savings you can afford it. "Don't give doubt a chance to overcome you, rather give proper planning a chance to overcome your doubt".

I may write a separate post about this business, but more depends on request.

This business requires even more capital than the rest.
But if you have a Motorcycle, Tricycle, car or bus you are good to go.

I'll not advice you to be transporting people, that part of the business is rough and its too stressful. But if you go for transporting goods to a far distance you are just in the lucrative part of the transport business. You will make a lot of cash from this business because people pay better for goods than human.

Another part of this business is way billing, its almost the same with the former, but the letter is quit different. I may also write more about it by request.

If you don't have any of the assets mentioned above, then hardwork, determination and savings will earn you one.

If you need any guardians or advice in stating any of the business listed above don't hesitate to write me, I'm willing to help you.

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Thanks for reading
Yours Cally