Not A Magic Episode 1.

Peter. A young man in his mid 20's was all alone in his room thinking what he'll do with his life,
He graduated from Secondary education 7years ago but have refused to further his education.

Peter was recently pursuing a career in the music industry,
He started right after he has graduated from Secondary School,
After wasting 6years trying to make a name in the local music industry, Peter realized that he's not A talented musician and so he made no progress in his music career, infact he remained a newbie year in year out.
He watched others come today and prosper tomorrow in the same industry that he flopped all years.
Whether or not Peter had passion for music, we understand why he decided to angrily pull out of the industry.

Before he officially resigned he had one last meeting with his manager.

Peter, Good morning sir.
Manager, You look and sound as if you are beaten by a snake, anyway, morning. Have a sit.
Peter refused to sit because the managers reply fueled his anger, so he fired back.
Peter, You good for nothing fool, is that how you should replied a man you've betrayed for 6years?
Manager, work out of my office now before you breath your last in the stretcher.
Because the manager was still being rude, Peter walk closer and slaped him in the check and walk away.

Whatever that was running in Peter's mind we don't know, what we know is that he was not really talented.

Peter couldn't think of anything positive he could do with his life again.
"Ofcouse I'm too old to start from O level in the university, and learning a skill isn't my thing." Peter said to himself.

Prince. Peters Secondary School class mate. Unlike Peter, Prince never had a chance to further his education because of being raised by a poor parent, his mother who was unable to sponsor Prince in the higher institution. Unlike Peter, Prince in the bid to make his mother proud humbled himself and learned a handful or skills despite unjust treatments he received from his bosses/tutors.
The problem is, Peter had no money to build or hire a work shop.
He wanted to learn more skills, but his mother refrained him.
She think's Prince could lost the knowledge he's already gained while learning further skills.
Prince heeded his mother advice.

Peter was inside his room all alone as has being his tradition since leaving the music industry.
Unexpectedly, his phone rings.
Peter quickly reached out for his phone, check who's calling,
It was his uncle. Mr. Iwobi, a middle class businessman who deals on Yam transportation.
Peter refused to answer the call because he was not in good terms with his uncle.
Peter watched the call ring off.
Mr. Iwobi call back again. This time Peter pick the call.
Mr. Iwobi, how are you Peter.
Peter, I'm fine Uncle. He replied with a deep low voice still expressing a sigh of unforgiveness in his heart.
Mr. Iwobi, Come to my house tomorrow by latest 6:30AM, I found a Job.
Peter's voice lightened up. Ok Uncle, I'll be there as you said, thank...
Mr. Iwobi hanged the call even before Peter could finish saying thank you...TO BE CONTINUED.