Hi friends.
While going through the daily activities i overheard a story that touched me so much, i couldn't help but think deeply about it all day even right now that i'm writing this i'm still thinking about it. I learnt a very vital lessons from that brief story when i converted the story lines into a mental picture which helped me to view it from the right scope. Although the story teller just summarized it, but due to how I listened to it and add meaning to it, I learnt a lot from it.

I'll like to share this story with you my friends here.

*I'm using this story to practice my writing skills, so feel free to rate my writing please, I also allow criticism because they can only help me to improve*

*As you read this story, note that names have been changed*

Picture the following scene:
From far there comes a car,
It gets closer and you realise which car it is,
A brand new dark purple coloured Toyota Avalon.
The car passed by and reduce speed,
Then it turned to a funeral ground.
All sights was caught by the gorgeous car,
Every body stand attentively to see who's inside the car.
Some thought it was the governor of the state,
Others couldn't help but argued  it's a prominent politician or a government official.
Yet, others was afraid that it could be rich terrorists who are on a mission.
The driver bracked and packed in a comfortable place,
The break Light was switched off,
The both front doors shacks and was about to be opened,
The wait is over.
There comes a good looking young man, about 5.3ft tall,
With his wife almost of the same height,
Then thier gorgeous 3years old male twins.
Everyone present in the funeral was left in awe!
This was the man they've expected but not how he appeared...

Who is this man and his family?
Why were the people shocked by how he appeared?
And who's funeral was that?
Why did they arrived late?

I understand that those questions are exactly what you would ask after reading the introduction, keep reading to find out the answer.
I'll make it as brief as possible to enable you to read and enjoy.