Hi there,

This is a story i wrote few days ago i know you guys will like it.
Before i post the story i want to tell you little about myself and my Story.

I(MrCally) am an 0 level student, i was a science student in secondary School. I really regretted ever choosing science over art when i discovered my love for writing. I want to be a self trained professional writer, so i began training my writing skills early this year.

My stories are about Love, emotion, dreams, career, and reality. I make my stories simple, short, and readable.

In this story i welcome your criticisms, they will help me to improve. Alert me of mistakes Please.

>>>>Love In A Circle (Teen edition) INTRODUCTION<<<<
5min read

Read about a genius teenager who fell in love with nobody in School, but needed one good holiday to find a true love in a circle.

Part 1 of 2 coming soon!