The internet have rooted deep in Africa and many nations including Nigeria are making the most of this free gift.

Nigerians are among the most internet using nations in the world today, youth ranging from 10 and 25 years old are spending close to 5hours per day surfing the internet.
You might ask what are they really using it for.

For you to be reading this post is enough to answer part of that question, you want to know the top 10 upcomming blogs in Nigeria which you will definitely know in some minutes.
Because billions information keep flooding into the web every day intended to appeal specific audience and the need for such information and internet services were or are exceeding the supply, there was need for more supply.
Today, especially in Nigeria 40% of internet users are transforming into service provider. With the internet becoming more and more user and mobile friendly that's how more youths are being captivated by the desire of following the part of the elites to make a name and fame for themselves.

The most popular way Nigerian youths are engaging in the internet now is through blogging.

When i say blogging what comes to your mind maybe the famous Nigerian Bloggers, the likes of Linda Ikeji who bought a N500m naira worth of a mansion, Makinda Azeez the founder of Naijaloaded, Uche Eze the owner of Bella Naija and other famous Bloggers who are earning a comfortable living through blogging.

The truth about this famous Bloggers is that they all started very little like the bloggers you will learn today who are also starting from very little but are optimistic hopers as i call them.

Bellow are the top 10 upcomming blogs and Bloggers in Nigeria.
Note: The following list is ranked with Alexa and blog design by Wapforum Admin team so number 1 may not be the best of all.
By: Akinnubi B O Mark

Regular and latest entertainment contents, videos, Audios, pictures and more are just what makes markloaded one among the best upcomming blogs in Nigeria.
With their regular string of contents they are just about taking a step close to popularity and reliance.

2.Sky Naija Music
By: Yusuf Kabiru ( Mhizta kenzy )

The blog specialised on Nigerian music. They are
updated with latest Nigerian music, audio video,
lyrics, beats and more almost everyday.
You can listen, watch, and download your favourite
Nigerian songs.
Sky Naija Music has great potentials for the future.

By: Oluwatobiloba Emmanuel

Hitng is updated with new entertainment posts everyday, they are specialised on Celeb gossip, lifestyle, stories and more interesting contents that appears daily on Hitng.
They have the potential to grow big and never dies in the future.

4. Proudlyloaded
By: Damidez

Like most blog they provides celebrity news update. A source for regular entertainment videos, audio, picture and more, their contents are available for downloads and previews.
With few chances and efforts They can boost their popularity.

5. Nairatechs
By: Salim

Although its a multi-purpose blog but they are based on Android downloads Games and social networks tips, tutorials, tricks and cheats.
They are there to lets you have extra fun in what you do.
Nairatechs is one of the best upcomming blogs in Nigeria that has potentials.

By: Daniel Ogbeide

Gistfans offers webmasters tutorials, tips. There contents also includes Android games download links, entertainment news, gossip and videos and audio download. Their contents are enough to be called a multi-purpose blog.
They will go a long way in the near future.

7. Xycinews
By: Naabiae Nenubari

A reliable source of technology, nationwide, and entertainment news.
With their string of contents they can contest ride in a good height in the near future.

8. Trackmedia
By: Daniel adeola

Like other blogs in the list Trackmedia provide Nigerian music audio and videos download, celebrity and nationwide news.
They are here to serve you as they walk their way to fame.

9. Teexclusive
By: Temitope Oladapo

A news blog that is updated almost 30 minutes per day.
If you are a fan of sport entertainment and nationwide news Teexclusive is your place.
The owners hardwork can boot a good go in the short term, they have the potentials.

10. Naijaarena
By: Young Jay

The last in the list but far from the least.
Naijaarena is a reliable source of news, from world to local, Sport to tech, entertainment to rumours. Its all about news.
They also have potentials that should see them go wide in the nation of blogs.

That's all for now.

The blogs listed above are enough to keep you connected in all various niche despite that they are small and still upcomming.