"Welcome on stage our new male Senior Prefect, Ken Williams."
I almost fainted, so disappoited, almost couldn't control myself. But managed to stand. I quickly comforted myself. Afterall i didn't wanted a post at first.


One week letter.

I'm really proud of myself now, i can't believe that me, Ken, and Frank still remain friends after Ken's appointment as Senior Prefect over me. I must take credit for this, it wasn't easy being me but i recovered quickly without being despicable. I just made myself think it never happend, thanks to the many advice i recieved from my relatives especially my mother.

Some student especially those close to me still feel that i was cheated, but i would never allow that trouble me.

I continued my progress in school, and before mid-term break i covered SS2 curriculum. From the break onward i was reading SS3 works.