... i was aiming for a far better archievements.


After the morning devotion we went to our classes but there was some few guys and girls outside who made themselves outlaws in the school, i use to be among them sometimes especially when we are threatend by the prefects and other senior student, though this bounch weren't my friends but to show the seniors who the real boss are i collaborate with them and i love challenge. But today i aren't with them. I went straight to the class and finds a quiet place in the back to read. There was no interuption until Frank and Ken came. They were supprise to see me reading.
"Do you have any emmergency test this morning?" Frank ask. They knew me to read only when there is test and exams.
"No, but there is something i find interesting in this textbook." I replied.
"Something interesting in physics textbook?" Ken asked in amazement. He knew how i hate physic.
"People do make a search in cemetaries. Not the best of a job but they just have to." I said.
Ken mavelled at my reasoning. We talk little and they went their ways and i continued my study.

We had just 2 classes because most teachers including the principal was absent.

1 week letter.

"One student who really made me proud today is Uche" Our Biology teacher said. "It seemed he's more prepared for my classes this term than everybody. Try to copy his excellent example and you'll love biology" She added.

She is the third teacher who praised my attitude this week. The story of my transformation started to go viral and even principal heard it, he invited me to his office and encouraged me to keep on the good work.

I'm having more time for my family and making new friends too. My younger siblings are enjoying the big brother they never knew.  My step father was intrigued by the report he recieved about me from our school principal in their Parents Teachers Association(PTA) meeting, he rewarded me with his laundry service, a service he'd pay a laundryman for, i's enjoying the little but enough cash i got paid for the job. I was becoming the person every well meaning people loved and respected in the society. I still play football and other games though, but not longer my main priorities. All this was possible because i was sticking closely to my schedules.

2 weeks letter.

At the end of the clossing gattering the principal had an annoncemet to make.
"This annoncement is for SS2 students, your posts interviews and competition will start next week. We'll only appoit those who are capable of representing the school. Anybody who is interested in any post must send their names and prefered post to Mr Amadi before Friday."
The whole school was in uproar after the annoncement. This is always an exciting and anxious time for many SS2 students who had being fantacising a post, now they would be anxious whether they'd get them.

The announcement became the talking point in the whole school.

Most fingers was pointing Ken and Olivia for Senior Prefects(male and female), Olivia have became very popular in the art class for dating Ken and dominating the girls afterwards. Some good few people was tipped me for the most prestigious post in school(the senior prefect). Not surprise though that i made the list of favourites to be named senior prefect but i wasn't ready for any post. I just want to continue building on my reputation without distraction.

Thursday morning.

I was preparing for school, suddenly i saw a shadow through the window, i was scared so i decided to pip through a whole on the door. Amused, the ghost i presumed turn out to be my mother.

She latter came inside the kitchen, we talked for a while and she assisted me in preparing breakfast. (I've been preparing every breakfast since my the start of this term. Before i'll wake late and eat whatever i see in the kitchen and run late to school)

"When will you stop thanking me for this son? I only did little you did more by applying all that i told you, and you are making me proud for who you are today. You've worked so much so stop thanking me because i'm already being uncomfortable staying around you because of all this thanks and praises."

"Sorry mom, i'll stop, i know i over appreciated. Please there is something i want to tell you."

I told her how i feel about becoming a prefect in school. She warned that my feelings were wrong.
"The school have done so much for you, if you are considered worthy of a post take it, it's just a way to show appreciation to the school."

Her positive view helped to grasp the reason why student were made prefects. She asked me which post i prefared, i told her i dont know yet. She suggested the senior prefect for me. She just does not know who was called Ken, i told her nobody can contest that post with Ken.

"You can, who knows if it was for a time like this fate brought about your transformation? You can because your dad did." She assured.

Moved by that assurance i submitted my name for senior prefect candidacy to Mr Amadi.

Letter that day i told Ken and Frank my decision. SURPRISE. They both were also running for the senior prefect. We letter learned that about 12 students were running for thesame post 9 males and 3 females. That means we must pass through interviews, test, and screening.


One week leter.

After the interviews, tests, and screening there was only 2 male and one female standing. Ken, me and Olivia. This was a day befor the new prefects will be appointed.


One day letter.

Everybody was curious about who would be appointed and who will not. Only Olivia and few other girls was comfirmed because there openets failed before screening.

The set was set for a tremendous occasion, the Principal and his staff are out, the outgoing prefects are out too with their bagdes handy ready to hand over the the next generation of prefects. Everybody called student of this school was seriously anxious except the outgoing senior students.

Without delay, the principla brief his student after praising their hardwork. The list of the soon to be appointed prefects was handed to him.

"... You know my tradition. The senior prefect comes last. Lets welcome our new female senior prefect on stage: Olivia Dimpka!" The student roar for Olivia as she walk to the stage. This is unusual, this principal never announce female senior prefect before male, but he just did. Now the next is between me and Ken. I became extreemly anxious, distressed, my whole body was shivering, sweat from nowhere burst out in my face. I was trying so hard to calm the emotions by quickly wiping my face and puting a fake smile in pretence because all eyes were divided between me and Ken.

Now the moment...
"Welcome on stage our new male Senior Prefect..."

>>>>END OF CHAPTER 2<<<<