By: MrCally

INTRODUCTION: Chem's dream of wining back his childhood love needs just a special moment, what will that be?

I just woke up from sleep around 4 pm when my little brother rushed into my room with my phone.
"The call just rang off" He said and handed the phone back to me. "Rayne was calling" he added and leave.

I called back. "Is your house on fire? I ask jokingly.
"Is it a crime to call a friend? Rayne replied.
"We met 3 hours ago, and so i was not expecting your call this time unless there is something serious that you want to tell me like 'your house is on fire!'"
Rayne laughed "Anyway i just want to ask if you can make it to the Fun Night bar today?"
"Of course i will, is there something special about there?"
"Not really, when we get there there is something i want us to discuss right there. Rayne said and hang off the call.


I arrived a little bit late when my friends where already there Waiting for me.

Chem, Rayne and Dynamo was looking at me angrily, they've being Waiting for me for about 40 minutes.

"I would slap you Cally if you were my little brother " Dynamo said sarcastically. He was right to say that so i was not angry. "Sorry guys, fixing little brother's laptop took me more than i expected, it was late before i remembered that i have appointment here.
My apology was accepted and so i sat down in a chair reserved for me in our usual table.

I needed some refreshment to release me from the stress encountered from driving in a muddy road and the cold weather too. So i summoned the waitress and ordered for catfish pepper soup and a bottle of legend. "2 minutes your order will be right here" She assured me and held back to arrange my request.

"What was the matter you wanted us to discuss?" I ask Rayne. Before he could talk Dynamo interrupted and rushed in a quick reply like a lightening. "Forget about it there is something more important we have to discuss to night."
Then it was Rayne turn to announce to me the big surprise. "Chen have finally fall in love."
"Wow! With who?" I asked looking straight to Chen's Smiling face.
The waitress interrupted our conversation. "Here are your pepper soup and beer." She said to me. I checked and it was as i ordered.